Sunday, April 19, 2009

Visit Other Retailers

Those gears on the RIM logo represent how the different elements of retailing work together to drive profitability. Also let those gears remind you to learn about what's happening with other retailers in your neighborhood—even, or often especially, the retailers who sell the same product lines as you.
     How often do you visit with other retailers to discover what you can learn from them and how your business might benefit when you help those other retailers by using your strengths? Do you regularly carve time from your nonstop schedule to visit the competition to see what you offer that they don't? When you spot those products and services, do you tell the floor staff how pleased you'd be to get referrals? How many of the stores you've seen as competitors can also be seen as teammates?
     When a fellow retailing professional recognizes that you've taken the time to become familiar with  what they take pride in offering to the community, they're often much happier to refer a customer to you instead of saying, "I don't know where you can get that specific product or service."
     Each day, use the opportunities for teamwork as you get in gear for profitability.

For your profitability: Sell Well: What Really Moves Your Shoppers

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