Friday, July 15, 2011

Compose Integrated Musical Atmospheres

The sound of music can influence shoppers. But don’t depend on a radio for your background music. For one thing, I’m told that there is exposure to being sued for playing copyrighted material in a commercial setting without permission. Playing the radio in the back office is different from playing the radio throughout the shopping floor.
     And from a shopper psychology perspective, depending on the radio doesn’t allow for fine-tuning.
  • Consumers are drawn to stores that entertain them. Think about the flavor of entertainment which fits your store’s retailing personality. Music does not stand alone. It’s part of the total in-store experience.
  • Use music to pace customers. When you play faster music in a store or restaurant, people tend to make their selections and complete their purchases more quickly.
  • Allow for the sounds of silence. Excessive noise leads us to tighten our muscles, and as research from National University of Singapore and University of Chicago confirms, tense muscles keep people from being sold what they’re not fully convinced they want. To facilitate the sale and soothe the savage shopper, introduce some periods free of the music. A little peace and quiet also puts the harried salesperson back in tune.
  • Play music with lyrics if you want shoppers to select items from habit without much thought. Researchers at Columbia University and Northwestern University find that noticeable music helps head off arguments shoppers might make to themselves about the purchase. On the other hand, if you want a shopper to carefully analyze the purchase decision, either do not have music or use music that is barely noticeable. If you’re wanting customers to try new brands or new products, cut off any intrusive music.
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