Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sign for Quick Comprehension

Think of the downtown streets in any big city where multitudes of taxi cabs are cruising horizon to horizon, each cab festooned with one or more colorful ads. Now add in your imagination images of the private cars, not only the taxis, carrying ads.
     Dreamers Media and Advertising in India will make the monthly payments on your new car for three years on a five-year contract if you agree to have up to 60% of the auto exterior carry ads and drive your car at least 1,500 km (about 930 miles) monthly. There are other limitations for the car owner, such as the maximum cost of the vehicle.
     Then there are the limitations for the advertisers: How much will the influence of the ad be lost in that multitude of other ads? If your store was an advertiser in the program, you’d want to be sure to design the signage for comprehension quick enough to require less than conscious awareness.
     In fact, that’s what you’ll want to do even if not participating in the program. With an inexpensive magnetic sign, a carpet cleaning retailer parked in a customer’s driveway could proclaim, “Here I am doing work for someone who selected me from the available alternatives, and here’s how to contact me to do quality work for you.” But this would be far too many words to have on signage you expect people to read as they drive or walk by your van or truck. You’ll probably want to limit the text on a vehicle to a name, tag line, website address, and phone number. You’ll also want good contrast between background and foreground.
     Whether inside or outside your store, signs should project helpfulness. Good signage answers questions customers commonly have. This saves irritation for staff who quickly tire of being asked where the rest rooms are. It also allows shoppers to avoid needing to ask questions of sales staff. This is important to newbies to your store who fear a question will launch an aggressive sales pitch.
     For store directory signage, researchers at Columbia University found that an important element is placing product choices into categories for the shopper. Categories help us break down the decision into more manageable steps. That soothes shoppers most dramatically when they're unfamiliar with the products they're selecting from. It speeds up decision making, and time is money for both you and your customers.

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