Friday, August 2, 2013

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Cocktails, handbags, and golf games are all trimming down to meet consumer desires. A recent Time magazine article chronicled the last of these with statistics on the increasing popularity of nine-hole golf games. The driving force for the move from the eighteen-hole standard in place for 250 years: Fewer people are playing golf and fewer rounds are being played.
     The golfing industry’s research concludes the reason is the hours it takes to play eighteen. The U.S. Golf Association, PGA of America, and Golf Digest are promoting “Time for Nine.” The initiative also encourages players to speed up the traffic-jamming contemplation over each shot on the course.
     As to the cocktails, they’re being served in mini versions at many venues. And large handbags—15 to 18 inches tall or wide—which were highly popular a few years ago now account for only about 26% of dollar sales. Pulling ahead have been the midsize handbags—at least 12, but less than 15, inches tall or wide—which now account for 43% of dollar sales.
     Downsizing provides you opportunities for increased profitability. The fee for nine holes will be less than that for eighteen, but more than half as much. Your retail price for midsize handbags might actually be higher than that for large ones because of the greater popularity, even though smaller handbags consume less space on the shelf and could be less expensive to manufacture.
     To sell well, the downsized versions must also offer obvious advantages for the shopper. Bartenders selling the miniaturized cocktails are reminding customers how the later sips of a martini are too warm when it’s been served in a container resembling, in size and contour, a goldfish bowl.
     Resistance to change will be lower among newer players of the game. For one thing, they’re less accustomed to the old ways. For another, the appeal of multitasking, quick gratification, and miniaturization is negatively correlated with consumer age. The golf industry is aiming the “Time for Nine” to up-and-coming players.
     With the entrenched players of the game, wean them over. Bartenders have responded to customer complaints about smaller sizes using the ice cream shop malted milk method. Your malt comes in a glass alongside a bonus amount in the silver mixing tin. The bartenders serve half of an ordered cocktail in a small glass alongside the other half on ice in a small carafe. Later, omit the carafe.

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