Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Locate Your Logo As Friend or Leader

People are more willing to comply with someone wearing a prestige logo. Researchers at University of Minnesota found that a prestige logo on even a mundane product generates confidence. For the young child, the right logo might be a cartoon character, while for the teenager, the choice could be a rock star. With adults in the Minnesota study, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology logo worked well.
     Researchers at Tilburg University arranged for mall shoppers walking alone to be approached by a woman asking for survey participation. In some cases, the woman wore a green sweater with a Tommy Hilfiger logo, while in the rest of the cases, the woman wore the identical green sweater devoid of logo. About 52% of the people in the logo condition agreed to participate. Sans logo, the woman was able to convince only about 14%.
     The researchers concluded that the luxury logo was serving like a friendly handshake, welcoming people to comply with the request. The implication is that a retailer could increase compliance with proper display of the right logo.
     This is probably correct. However, study findings from Sun Yat-sen University, National University of Singapore, and Chinese University of Hong Kong indicate that the reason for compliance could be followership rather than friendship.
     The researchers designed ads in which a logo was positioned in one of two places in relation to the image of a customer.
  • For some of the ads, the two images were at the same horizontal level and close together. This arrangement received the most positive evaluations when the brand was being promoted as a friend to the shopper. 
  • For the other ads, the logo appeared at a distance above the customer image in the ad. This arrangement worked best when the brand was being promoted as offering leadership to the shopper. 
     The positioning of the logo can affect not only how you’ll make the sale, but also what consumers will do when they don’t like your logo. Will they inform you as a friend or as challenging your leadership?
     A while ago, Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice changed logos. The old one was a straw sticking into an orange. The new one was a glass of orange juice. Most consumers accepted the change, but Tropicana discovered vehement objections from their most faithful customers. Now, you never want to offend friends. The straw into the orange quickly made a comeback.

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