Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Weekly I Turned

As the calendar turns to 2014, I’m turning my RIMtailing posting frequency from daily to weekly. My next posting will appear Monday, January 6, 2014 at 9 AM California time. Subsequent postings will appear each Monday at that hour.
     There are already more than 1,700 posts on the blog covering research-based profitability tactics for a broad range of retailing topics. How to get to the right ones for your needs? I recommend the “Search the Entire RIMtailing Blog” feature. However, do be aware that the search algorithm is less sophisticated than in major engines like Google and Yahoo. If you don’t locate what you want with a certain phrasing, resubmit using related wording.
     When you locate posts that hit your interests, try the “Click below for more” list I include with most of my postings. To encourage busy retailers like you to read what I write, I keep each posting to fewer than 400 words. But I find there is always more I could say. The “Click below” lets me do that. Just as important, the “Click below” ties together the brief posts into a more coherent plan of action for you to implement.
     My original objective in creating the RIMtailing blog was to provide my training and consultation clients with continuing updates and reminders. After my book Retailer’s Edge was published, I saw an expanded audience for the blog from the readers. And considering the inquiries I receive, there are merchants, suppliers, academics, journalists, consultants, and consumers who have found value in the postings even among those who aren’t my clients or my book readers.
     As you might detect, I enjoy transforming high-quality consumer behavior research findings into workable tactics for retailer profitability.
     My title for today’s posting was inspired by the name of a classic comedy routine, “Slowly I Turned.” The shtick includes the phrases, “step by step…inch by inch.” Please consider those words as guidance for how you put into practice the tactics I propose to you. Conduct a needs assessment to identify strengths and weaknesses of your current business operations, plus the opportunities and the threats from outside. Then, to keep yourself from wasting resources by riding off in all directions at once, carefully select a set of tactics to begin with and to add onto later. And to facilitate your success, join with others to move as a community of merchants.
     …More each week.

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