Monday, April 14, 2014

Realize the Implications of Reality Shows

Reality television programming has exploded in popularity, and this has implications for selling in your store. Product placement on a show, for instance. If an episode includes a reality star expressing favor toward an item or a brand consumers might expect to see you carry, stock up in anticipation of an increased demand.
     Researchers at Florida Gulf Coast University and University of North Texas found that characters projecting the greatest amount of authenticity in a reality show lead viewers to feel connected, and this, in turn, cultivates purchase intentions. Yet the reality of reality shows is that many people who are obviously genuine in face-to-face interactions become stiffly unappealing when on camera.
     The favorable attitude shown by the reality star can come from more than product or service usage on the show. “Undercover Boss” features owners of companies in a way that gives viewers human interest stories about each owner, each company, and the employees. This builds good will toward the company’s output. The show has versions in nine countries and reported plans for versions in seven others.
     Research findings from Eastern Illinois University, Southern Illinois University, and Illinois Institute of Technology suggest that all this works best when shoppers have seen the product placement in a high-involvement story line while sitting with friends.
     The Illinois researchers instructed study participants to silently watch a situation comedy while beside either a friend or someone the participant didn’t know. Woven into the situation comedy plot line were products with brand names the viewer would remember. After watching the episode, each study participant was asked individually about opinions toward the product.
     In cases where the plot line was of limited interest to the participant, opinions of the product were not affected by whether the co-viewer was a friend or stranger. But when the participant got involved in the plot, attitudes toward the product were more favorable when the silent co-viewer was a friend than when a stranger.
     You might want to encourage your shoppers to watch their reality TV shows with friends who are likely to get involved in the plot. Then stay aware of the product placements in those shows.
     Still, there are always the twists. A few years ago, retailer Abercrombie & Fitch offered “substantial payment” to Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and other members of the cast of “The Jersey Shore” not to wear A&F clothing on that reality show.

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