Monday, March 30, 2015

Power Tools to Empower Women

If your store carries tools, such as supplies and implements, women could use for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) home projects, build the empowerment appeal in order to power your sales of those items. Researchers at University of Southern Mississippi and Appalachian State University identify distinct aspects of that appeal. Here’s my version of the list along with my suggestions of how to use each aspect:

  • Project initiation. Keep your salesperson role one of coach, who reassures the woman of availability until the project is completed and encourages the woman to buy what’s needed. Especially during the project initiation, be an advisor. Stay away from seeming like a superhero who aims to rescue the damsel in distress. Have women salespersons available and regularly show female salespersons in ads. Lowe’s took these steps to make their home improvement stores more female-friendly. 
  • Production mastery. Doing construction provides an opportunity to learn new skills. Women especially enjoy design competence. Consider offering training classes or your visits to their project as a way to distinguish yourself from online vendors. You could charge for these services, but bundling them with purchases can be better. 
  • Adding economic value & ownership. Studies at California State University-Long Beach. University of Nebraska, and Bath University explored DIY motivations in men. Family men of lower social class with fewer resources in their lives often view the residence as an extension of the workplace. They’re responsible for maintenance, and good stewardship means saving money by doing repairs and improvements yourself. Women who are under financial strain as homeowners and heads of households are likely to see economic value in their projects. Point out the return on investment to the shoppers who will become owners of enhanced property. 
  • Unleashing creative potential. In the studies, men of lower social class felt artistry in DIY projects distinguishes the family from other families that have limited resources and from the routine life to which many families of limited means are consigned. Family men of relatively high social class with more resources in their lives are drawn to the relief from knowledge work, a relief achieved as they work with their hands. These consumers consider DIY projects as leisure activities to be relished, never rushed. They’ll browse at stores and introduce artistry into their projects as a form of personal expression. The Mississippi/Appalachian State study results indicate you should stay attuned to parallel motivations in the women DIYers. 
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  1. "Thank you for your informative post about Power Tools. Really the salesperson position is helpful for empowering women."

  2. I very much agree, super scott. Actually, I'd say the salesperson position is beyond helpful. It's essential to empowerment. The degree to which and the ways in which the salesperson acknowledges the competence of the female shopper makes the difference.

  3. Many women now knows how to works with power tools. Beside, many of them produces incredible DIY projects with the Milwaukee fuel!