Monday, June 6, 2016

Strengthen Fitness with Control

People are more likely to end up doing what feels good than what they should do. Therefore, hypothesized a team of researchers from University of Chicago, people will stay with what they should do if we add some fun to it from the beginning. Instead of urging the customers at the gym to do what are the most useful exercises for them, give a choice of helpful exercises and encourage them to pick the set that will be most enjoyable. Instead of carrying only the healthiest bag of carrots, stock a few quality brands and encourage shoppers to sample for the one they find tastes best to them.
     The research team put their hypothesis to the test, and they were proved right. People might start a healthy exercise and healthy eating program because they want the long-term payoff. In fact, they might stay with the program for a while mostly because it’s not as enjoyable, since they’ll feel more sense of accomplishment from sacrifice. But people persist in the program longer when there’s the element of fun.
     You might consider this research finding to be little more than common sense. But considering what’s truly happening here brings the finding beyond the obvious: The magic in adding the fun is that having a sense of control is fun. Giving your customers alternatives adds a dash of enjoyment.
     The optimal number and nature of alternatives for persistence does vary over the course. Researchers at University of Maryland worked with consumers who were toiling toward a fitness goal. Some were given evidence they were close to reaching their individual fitness goal, while others were led to believe they were far from the goal. All the participants were then shown a set of six protein items. In some cases, the items were all protein bars differing only in flavor. This was a low-variety set. The other participants—some who felt close to their goal and some who felt far from it—were presented a high-variety set that included a protein bar, a protein shake, and four other forms of protein supplement.
     Among consumers who felt far from the goal, motivation was higher when the consumer was asked to choose among the high-variety set. On the other hand, among consumers who felt close to the goal, motivation to achieve the goal was higher when the consumer was asked to choose among the low-variety set. 

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