Monday, January 10, 2011

Generate the Excitement of a Football Game

How nice it would be to have your customers chanting about your retail business throughout their conversations as would devoted fans who are expressing their sentiments about a favorite football team. That’s more likely when consumers are fans of shopping with you. It has to do with interior d├ęcor, the merchandise you carry, and most of all, the interpersonal interactions. When it all comes together, shopping gives a positive emotional charge approaching that from attending an exciting sports event.
     A University of Oregon study of football game attendance suggests some ways you can keep up the thrills and pack the stadium—I mean, your store.
     The researchers found three varieties of sports fan motivation:
  • Die-hard fans. These football fans are committed to the team and love the sport of football. These store shoppers love the game of shopping, and they’re dedicated to doing it with you. Keep feeding them information about the history of your business. Have staff spend time talking with them. Post pictures of the team. Give customers plenty of notice about upcoming changes so they feel they’re in the know. Distribute business cards and special event announcements for them to pass on to their friends. Sell items carrying the store logo.
  • Fair-weather fans. These football fans like to cheer for the winners, and they’ll switch who they cheer for if games get dull. These store shoppers get their excitement from looking at the latest developments. If it’s electronics, they want to be the experts on the newest technologies. If you carry clothing, they want to try on next month’s big thing. If it’s groceries, they’re into the Food Network trends. These shoppers are much more likely to switch stores than are the die-hard fans. Keep them excited by regularly introducing new items and by presenting your classic items in novel ways. These fans like to be around winners, so use signage and conversations to tell them how your store is unquestionably best.
  • Tailgaters. These football fans are there for the camaraderie. These store shoppers get most excited about the social experience. Hold special events in and around the store. Have places in the store where small groups can exchange critiques. Give discounts when a group of shoppers purchase together.
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