Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hire Overqualified Candidates

Because of the troubled economy, people with meaty résumés are applying for even entry level jobs in retailing. Are you seriously considering them as new hires? Many retailers don’t since they fear that an overqualified employee will soon leave for other employment.
     Please refrain from instantly labeling these job candidates as unsuitable because they’re overqualified. Sure, you might decide they’re not suitable for your store because they have the wrong qualifications. But research findings from University of Connecticut, University of South Carolina, and St. Ambrose University indicate that with supportive supervision, highly qualified candidates can be highly motivated profit-makers.
     An essential component in that proper supervision is to set the problem-solving requirements of the job at the right level. Maybe you’ll be surprised to hear that there is greater risk of premature employee turnover when the problem-solving demands of the job are set quite high than when they are set quite low. The researchers found that when a job has low cognitive demands, the smarter employees are actually less likely to leave than are those who have limited intellectual abilities.
     Why would very smart people be especially likely to stay in their jobs when the problem-solving challenges are limited? Some might say it is precisely because they’re smart. They recognize it is hard to get another job these days. But the researchers point out that this isn’t a sufficient explanation. That’s because they also found that when the cognitive demands of the job are very challenging, those of average intellect are more likely to stay in their jobs than are those with high or low smarts.
     What seems to be going on here is that, when provided supportive supervision, overqualified employees are smart enough to find ways to use their abilities. And in doing this, they make you more money.
     Sometimes the applicant’s résumé is so meaty because of the employee’s age. The older employee who is out of work can bring with them decades of knowledge and a patient acceptance of the customer rudeness and staff politics which frustrate younger workers. Empty nesters appreciate the chance to get out of the house to be with other people on a regular schedule. Much retail employment is part-time, and for those seniors whose retirement benefits haven't disappeared in the current economic implosion, part-time work is fine. They aren't dependent on your business for high pay or comprehensive health coverage.

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