Monday, January 11, 2016

Influence Variety Seeking with Mating Cues

Sex sells because of the mutual attraction of masculinity and femininity. Researchers at Xiamen University, Tsinghua University, and National University of Singapore were inspired by evidence that arousal of the mating motive causes consumers to purchase more eye-catching technology, wear more revealing clothing, and borrow more money. The researchers then went on to explore how mating cues have different effects in men than in women when it comes to seeking variety during shopping trips: The findings indicate that when a store area displays photos of sexy women, men will seek out a broader variety of items than otherwise. And when a woman is accompanied on a shopping trip by her husband, she’ll seek less variety than when unaccompanied.
     These differences are based in how the mating urge manifests itself. Men are relatively more interested in a variety of partners, while women are relatively more interested in a stable relationship with one partner, whether that partner is a person or a consumer product.
     With both your women and men shoppers, luxury purchases are a signaling system for mating rituals. The intended recipients of the signals are women in both cases, but the functions differ. Take this into account when making the sale.
     Researchers at University of Minnesota found that conspicuous display of luxury items by women serves a number of purposes. A predominant one is to warn other women that their mates are spoken for. A woman in the company of a partner, when that woman is wearing designer outfits and high-status accessories, was perceived by other women to have a more devoted partner who had financially contributed to purchasing the luxurious items.
     In one study, the researchers asked a group of women to imagine a romantic partner flirting with another woman at a party. The study participants were then asked to draw specified luxury brand logos. The drawings turned out to be about twice the size of those done by another group of women who had not been asked to imagine the flirtatious behavior.
     But for men, luxury items are displayed to attract women away from the competition. Some British researchers noticed a gender difference in where customers kept a mobile phone while sitting in a club. What caused the greatest jump in how often a man would take out his phone and begin toying with it? As the percentage of men compared to women in the area increased.

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