Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mate Luxury Purchases with Gender Signaling

With both your women and men shoppers, know that their luxury purchases are a signaling system for mating rituals. The intended recipients of the signals are women in both cases, but the functions differ. Take this into account when making the sale.
     Researchers at University of Minnesota found that conspicuous display of luxury items by women serves a number of purposes. However, a predominant one is to warn other women that their mates are spoken for. A woman in the company of a partner, when that woman is wearing designer outfits and high-status accessories, was perceived by other women to have a more devoted partner who had financially contributed to purchasing the luxurious items.
     In one of the studies, the researchers asked a group of women to imagine a romantic partner flirting with another woman at a party. The study participants were then asked to draw luxury brand logos on illustrations of handbags, shoes, T-shirts, and cars. The drawings turned out to be about twice the size of those done by another group of women study participants who had not been asked to imagine the flirtatious behavior.
     Other University of Minnesota studies found that during the time of month a young woman is ovulating, she becomes substantially more likely to choose sexier clothing, shoes, fashion accessories, and cosmetics to buy and wear. This drive is much higher when the woman is shown photos of attractive women identified as being from her city than when shown the same photos and told the women live 1,000 miles away. A woman is not seen as relevant competition when she lives far away.
     For men, luxury items are displayed to attract women.
     Some British researchers noticed a gender difference in where customers kept a cell phone while sitting in a club. Men were much more likely to place the cell phone in a highly visible location soon after sitting down.
     So which one of these situations caused the greatest jump in how often a man would take out his cell phone, put it on the bar or table, and begin toying with it, even when not looking at it?
  • As the number of men in the area increased
  • As the number of women increased
  • As the percentage of men compared to women increased
  • As the percentage of women compared to men increased
Ready to know the correct answer? Yes, it’s the third situation.

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