Sunday, September 1, 2013

Shape Benefits As Hedonic or Utilitarian

The importance of a particular dichotomy among shoppers and another dichotomy among items has been repeatedly verified by consumer psychology research:
  • Some shoppers are primarily promotion-focused, while others are primarily prevention-focused. Promotion-focused people play to win, while prevention-focused people play not to lose. 
  • Some items have a primarily utilitarian appeal, while others have a primarily hedonic appeal. The utilitarian is to get a job done. The hedonic is to feel pleasure. A convection oven has utilitarian appeal. The uncooked cherry pie purchased for preparation in the convection oven has hedonic appeal. 
     In general, promotion-focused shoppers are more attracted to hedonic benefits than are prevention-focused shoppers. The prevention-focused are more attracted to utilitarian benefits than are the promotion-focused.
     As you get to know your shoppers, determine where on the promotion-prevention dimension each individual is and shape your benefits statements to fit.
     Researchers at Curtin University of Technology in Australia and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore give as an example ads for yogurt. I’ve adapted those examples so each contains exactly the same number of words:
  • Hedonic. “The yogurt comes in a wide range of fruity flavors, like strawberry, apricot, mango and kiwi, in addition to the original tangy flavor. This makes our yogurt a wonderful choice for every occasion. You just cannot resist the temptation of its fruity taste. In addition to the wide range of flavors mentioned above, the yogurt contains real fruit chunks for added taste. You can actually see the chunks of fresh ripe strawberries or mangoes that have been added to the yogurt to tingle your taste buds. The pieces of fruit have been especially added to blend with the original rich and creamy taste, thereby completely delighting you gastronomically.” 
  • Utilitarian. “The yogurt is made from calcium and vitamin-fortified milk. It is specially formulated to capture the goodness of high calcium yogurt. In addition, its formulation also ensures that it has absolutely low levels of fat. It is, in fact, 97% fat free. The yogurt has essential bone nutrients, like vitamins D and K, in addition to other nutrients like zinc and magnesium. The presence of these nutrients helps you maintain strong bones, especially important in adults. The yogurt contains two live cultures, Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus. Consuming yogurt with live cultures maintains a balance of bacteria in your digestive system, which helps ensure your ongoing good health.” 
     What phrasings will work for your items?

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